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A public art podcast serving Atlanta and extending beyond

The Extension is a podcast by Flux Projects that invites cultural contributors to participate in Atlanta-focused conversations relating to public art in social contexts.

Curator Shamim M. Momin chats with Floyd Hall as part of the Visting Curator Series. Momin discusses her career path from the Whitney Museum to founding Los Angeles Nomadic Division, her big-picture perspective on public art, and the legacy she is building in the space.

Visual artist George Long discusses the inspiration behind “Sorts”, his sequential wheat paste mural and projection installation.

Author Anne Corbitt chats with Floyd Hall about ATL Mysteries and bringing its source material, “The Disappearance of Eliot Wiley”, to life in an interactive way. Corbitt also discusses writing her first novel, Rules for Lying, and how the city of Atlanta and the Urban South play a role in her upbringing and her work.

Visit www.annecorbitt.com to learn more about Anne Corbitt.

ATL Mysteries is an interactive public art experience, and a collaboration between Creative Loafing Atlanta, Flux Projects and SOAP Goods Creative. Learn more here:


In this Flux Projects podcast, Atlanta arts leaders Melissa Messina (Flux Projects), Victoria Camblin (ART PAPERS) and Jamie Badoud (Hambidge Arts Center) engage in an wide-ranging dialogue about the rewards and challenges of stewarding arts organizations that serve both the Atlanta Region as well as beyond.

They also talk about the certain aspects of collaboration with other institutions, what drew them to their respective organizations and what’s on the horizon in the coming months.

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This program is sponsored in part by MailChimp, the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, the LUBO Fund, the EMSA Fund, Turner, Momar, and The UltraMind, Proper Medium, and individual donors.