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Flux Exchange exploratory public art incubator series

The Flux Exchange is an exploratory incubator series that invites three artists to explore the city of Atlanta as a site for a future large-scale public project. Xaviera Simmons (New York), Cheryl Pope (Chicago) and Alexandre Arrechea (Miami) have been selected for the current program as their acclaimed artistic practices have current social relevance and opportunity for public engagement. Each artist will visit Atlanta to engage with local artists and cultural contributors, research the physical and cultural landscape of the city, and execute a public program.

  • Flux Exchange Cheryl Pope
    Cheryl Pope
    A visual artist focused in sculpture, installation, and performance
  • Flux Exchange Alexandre Arrechea
    Alexandre Arrechea
    His practice includes installation, painting, and large-scale sculptures
  • Flux Exchange Xaviera Simmons
    Xaviera Simmons
    Photography, performance, video, sound, sculpture, and installation